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  • News Culture

    News Culture is an introduction to the forms, practices, institutions and audiences of journalism. It begins with a historical consideration of the rise of 'objective' reporting in newspaper, radio and televisual journalism. It explores the way news is produced, its textual conventions as a genre of discourse, and its negotiation by the reader, listener or viewer as part of everyday life. The text also examines the cultural dynamics of sexism and racism as they shape different instances of news coverage.Building on the success of the bestselling first edition, this new edition addresses the concerns of the new media age, featuring: An expanded chapter on 'Good Journalism is Popular Culture' which engages with the key debates around tabloidization, infotainment and celebrity-driven journalism A new chapter about online journalism and the Internet Revisions throughout to take into account feedback from lecturers who have used the first edition. This is a key text for undergraduate and postgraduate students in journalism, journalism studies, cultural and media studies, sociology and politics.

  • International Law and the Resolution of Central and East European

    This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to the question of what role international law plays in promoting a resolution of Central and East European transboundary environmental disputes. The author examines a wide variety of environmental disputes in Central and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project dispute between Slovakia and Hungary, and melds international legal theory and international relations theory to develop an analytic framework for understanding the role of law and assessing its future application.

  • Funding Health Care

    The question of how to generate sufficient revenue to pay for health care has become a serious concern for nearly all European policy-makers. This book examines the advantages and disadvantages of funding arrangements currently in use across Europe. Adopting a cross-national, cross-disciplinary perspective, it assesses the relative merits of the main methods of raising resources including taxation; social, voluntary and supplemental forms of insurance; and self-pay including co-payments. Chapters written by leading health policy analysts review recent evidence and experience in both eastern and western Europe. The volume is introduced by a summary chapter which integrates conceptual issues in funding with an overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of each method of funding drawn from the expert chapters.

    This is an important book for students of health policy, health economics, public policy and managment, and for health managers and policy makers.

  • Do World Bank and Imf Policies Work?

    The term 'structural adjustment' has been associated with rioting as angry and hungry masses protest food price increases due to subsidy cuts or due to other structural adjustment conditions prescribed by the IMF and the World Bank. Structural adjustment, and the neo-liberal paradigm that underlies it, is now the dominant economics paradigm practised by developing countries. The main purpose of the book is to rely on evidence and to go beyond rhetoric, ideology and anecdotes in assessing structural adjustment in Pakistan and the developing world more generally to examine how reform can be combined with pragmatism and social justice.

  • Social Democratic Parties in the European Union: History, Organization, Policies

    This book offers a concise and accessible coverage of the historical background, the organization and policies of the fifteen social democratic parties in the European Union with a focus on the 1945-1990s period. It combines an updated study of the evolution of each party's ideology, sociology and policies, with attention also to the impact of European integration on the fortunes of social democratic forces. The book can be used as a reference text by academics, students and political practitioners and contains contact details and important reference information for each party.

  • Biblical Exegesis

    This is an excellent guide to the various methods of biblical criticism to put into the hands of students. There are chapters on textual, historical, grammatical, literary, form, tradition, and redaction criticism, each concluding with a bibliography.

  • Aphra Behn

    Aphra Behn's work has always been subject to critical fashion and her literary reputation was only really secured in the closing decade of this century, especially by new historicist and feminist critics. The essays collected here represent the best of a range of contemporary critical views, discussing both Behn's drama and her prose writings. Janet Todd provides a stimulating introduction mapping Behn' s literary reception, situating the works of the critics included in a broader literary context and pointing towards Behn as a newly politicized figure at the close of the twentieth century.

  • Introducing Systems Analysis

    The first of two texts by the same author about the development of computer systems (the companion book is Introductory Systems Design). It describes a series of models and skills that will enable the definition and delivery of effective, maintainable and flexible information systems.

  • Democracies and the Populist Challenge

    Populism has become a favourite catchword for mass media and politicians faced with the challenge of protest parties or movements. It has often been equated with radical right leaders or parties. This volume offers a different perspective and underlines that populism is an ambiguous but constitutive component of democratic systems torn between their ideology (government of the people, by the people, for the people) and their actual functioning, characterised by the role of the elites and the limits put on the popular will by liberal constitutionalism.

  • Interviewing: A Practical Guide For Students And Professionals

    Interviews are increasingly a core part of life in commerce, the professions and in higher education, yet few people are aware of the many skills needed to be a good interviewer. Interviewing: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals is an invaluable guide for all those looking to improve their interviewing skills, whether they are experienced professionals or beginners.

    Written in an accessible style and based on a solid framework of theory and research, the book is packed with practical ideas and information about such issues as building rapport and interpreting both verbal and non-verbal responses. It includes chapters on interviewing children, adolescents, older people, people with disabilities, and interviewing across cultures and under situations of stress, as well as case studies, sample interviews, activities for students and chapter summaries.

  • Co-ordinating Community Care

    An exploration of how people from different professions and agencies work together to meet the health and social needs of people in a community. It is about making the most of different skills to meet people's needs and creating satisfying and supportive working groups. It is the details of making community care a reality.

    The effectiveness and quality of care a person receives depends on getting the right professionals and services, and also on the support given to the person's carers. Services must be co-ordinated if the person is to benefit, but co-ordination is more difficult with the increasing change, variety and complexity of health and social services in the 1990s.

    This book challenges the assumptions that services are best co-ordinated by multiprofessional and multi-agency teams, and that community care teams are broadly similar. It demonstrates when a team is needed and how to overcome differences between professions, and between agency policies and philosophies.

    Drawing on ten years of consultancy research with a variety of teams and services, the author gives practical guidance for managers and practitioners about how to set up and improve co-ordination and teamwork. The book combines practical concerns with theoretical depth drawing on organization and management theory, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, economics and government studies.

  • Mastering Twentieth-Century Russian History

    This book is designed for undergraduates, A-level students and for general readers who want a detailed yet clear introduction to the Russian Revolutions and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. The author makes full use of the recent research since Gorbachev's glasnost, and surveys the different interpretations of Russian history. Each chapter begins with a brief summary of events and a list of the main points of debate among historians, and ends with a recommended reading list for students who wish to pursue a topic further.

  • The Snail and the Whale

    "How I long to sail!" said the tiny snail. The Snail and the Whale is a delightful tale of adventure and friendship by the unparalleled partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo. One little snail longs to see the world and hitches a lift on the tail of an enormous whale. Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins, and the little snail feels so small in the vastness of the world. But when disaster strikes and the whale is beached in a bay, it's the tiny snail's big plan that saves the day!

  • Frances Bissell's West Country Kitchen

    This is a collection of West Country recipes, ranging from Cornish fish stew to mint, honey and cider-glazed pork chops, and from traditional Cornish pasties to clotted cream rice pudding. Frances Bissell is also the author of "The Real Meat Cookbook" and "The Times Cookbook".

  • More Frantic Semantics: Further Adventures in Modern English

    A second collection from the Telegraph's popular column.Do you know your 'dotcoms' from your 'hubs' and 'portals', and your 'bugs' from your 'viruses'? Are your linguistic credentials 'pukka'? Do you long to be a language 'maven'? Or is it just too much 'hassle'?Keeping up with the ever-changing world of modern English can be a full time occupation. Words gain new meanings; old words come back into fashion; new words are constantly invented; and foreign words suddenly gatecrash the party. The second volume of Frantic Semantics is an entertaining guide to this brave new world. From the meteoric rise of the nameless '@' to the story of 'Xmas', it is essential - and amusing - reading for all those who are occasionally baffled by our mother tongue. With wonderful illustrations and some very topical definitions, this will make the perfect present for anyone interested in language.

  • Reform of the Socialist System in Central and Eastern Europe

    This book analyzes the reform of the socialist system in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Uniquely, it adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective which includes authors from both Western Europe and the former Communist world. The volume contains analyses of: the prospects for civil society, economic reform and privatisation, theories of economic transition and the role of the state, political change and the persistence of former Communist parties, the prospects for democracy in the former Soviet Union, and gender aspects of labour market reform.

  • Prospects for Middle Eastern and North African Economies: From Boom to Bust - and Back?

    Economic prospects for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa are assessed in light of the changing world economy, increasing integration of trade and financial markets, greater needs for educated labour, and growing concerns about poverty and environmental degradation. Cross-country papers on thematic topics by international scholars are presented. The need for major economic reforms is emphasized if the region is to use greater integration in the world economy as the basis for generating growth and jobs and reducing poverty.

  • Counselling Students: A Psychodynamic Perspective

    Counselling Students: A Psychodynamic Perspective delivers an introduction to the main psychological and developmental factors that affect students and how these typically influence and shape their experiences at university. Using a psychodynamic model, it provides a clear account, rich in illustrations, of the various emotional and developmental issues that underlie the problems that students encounter and the role of counselling in dealing with these problems. The book will be particularly helpful to individuals with a personal or professional interest in student welfare who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological issues that affect the development and well being of students.

  • The European Central Bank: The New European Leviathan

    David Howarth and Peter Loedel provide a theoretically inspired account of the creation, design and operation of the European Central Bank. Issues explored include the theoretical approaches to the ECB, the antecedents of European monetary authority, the different national perspectives on central bank independence, the complex organisation of the bank, the issues of accountability and the difficult first years of the ECB in operation.

  • Qualitative Research in Practice: Stories from the Field

    "Qualitative Research in Practice is a book we have all been waiting for. The authors have shared with us their stories about the qualitative research process while linking their experiences to theory and practice in human services. The difficulties, successes and new pathways created by their research findings shed new light on the complex journey qualitative researchers embark on with every new research project." - Professor Gay Edgecombe, Director of International Studies for Nursing and Public Health, RMIT University, Australia

    "I would recommend this book to my students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I believe that after reading this book, students will no longer be frightened by qualitative research and will have an interest and enthusiasm in trying it out." - Professor Joyce L.C. Ma, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Qualitative Research in Practice bridges the gap between theory and practice in research, and between the academic and practice contexts in the human services. The focus is on 'doing' research and 'being' a researcher, rather than on 'how to do' research.

    The authors provide an introduction to qualitative research through actual research projects that illustrate key stages in the research process. They draw on experiences of research undertaken in a variety of human service areas by researchers in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong. These 'stories from the field' are framed by broader discussions by the authors of the research process.

    The researchers' stories reveal the human face of research undertaken in often difficult contexts: with homeless people, with disabled people, in nursing homes, with victims of domestic violence, and with adopted children. We see how these researchers have dealt with the many obstacles they faced in their research projects, and how they developed innovative solutions.

    Qualitative Research in Practice is a collection of 'practice wisdom' that makes an ideal companion to conventional research methods texts for students and practitioners doing research in social work, welfare, community health, counselling and related fields.

  • Numeracy and Beyond

    One of the fundamental problems in education is that of applying skills and knowledge which learners have gained in one context to problems they encounter in another. This is particularly so in mathematics, where the problems encountered by learners in applying mathematical knowledge are well documented.

    Using and applying mathematics has been a central component of the National Curriculum in mathematics. However, the National Numeracy Strategy has adopted a new approach, in which 'using and applying' is integrated throughout the mathematics curriculum. This book aims to help teachers develop their understanding and practice in this crucial area. It is based on the findings of a major research study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, in which a group of primary teachers worked closely with the research team to develop their thinking and practice. The book provides a clear conceptual analysis of the problem of application, together with extensive examples of ways in which teachers can address it in their classrooms at Key Stages 1 and 2. A novel feature of the book is that it includes first-hand accounts of practice in Japanese classrooms, and outlines what teachers in the UK and elsewhere may learn from Japanese methods.

  • Truth, Religious Dialogue And Dynamic Orthodoxy: Essays on the Work of Brian Hebblethwaite

    Brian Hebblethwaite is known throughout the theological world, due to the fact he has written on a wide variety of topics. Here the three key topics on which he has written in the past, are considered by twelve internationally distinguished philosophers of religion, with a view to the ongoing contemporary debate surrounding these 3 areas of: the pursuit of truth in religion, inter-religious understanding and the Incarnation. In the context of Brian Hebblethwaite's philosophical and theological concerns, a unifying thread runs through his work, that of exploring the conceptual domains of interreligious understanding, the nature and pursuit of truth in religion, and issues in Christology with special reference to the Incarnation.The book argues that a closer reading of Hebblethwaite reveals a more complicated theology. Informed and inspired variously by his work they may be, but the contributors here criticise constructively, and build on new ideas within the book themselves.

  • Project Analysis in Developing Countries

    Investment projects are an important mechanism for economic development. However, their costs and benefits must be assessed to ensure that the resources committed are being used as productively as possible. This book explains the techniques available to assess the economic impact of projects in developing countries. It draws on the authors' experience in teaching and applying these techniques and combines relevant economic theory with a clear understanding of what can be done in practice. The book aims to make existing techniques readily accessible to both students and practitioners. The second edition has been rewritten with new project examples and the addition of two new chapters in finance and the environment.

  • The Little Guide to Mums

    These hilarious little guides to mums, dads, babies, and pets show you that your own is always the best -- and there's a space for a photo of them at the end!

  • Palliative Care and Communication: Experiences in the Clinic

    "Palliative Care and Communication" seeks explanations for the sense of optimism found among patients with small-cell bronchial carcinoma or lung cancer. Over a period of five years the author used ethnographic research methods to monitor the illness processes of patients from the time of receiving bad news until their death, from the perspectives of the various people involved: the patient, family and relatives, the doctors and nursing staff. Based on narrative descriptions, interspersed with observations, the author demonstrates 'why things happen the way they do in practice'. The book explores informal codes, ambiguous messages, the dilemma between professional detachment and personal involvement, patterns of information and communication during the phases of the illness, the latent realisation of approaching death, and the ambivalence of patients with regard to 'knowing and not knowing'. Anne-Mei The's engaging writing style and extensive use of narrative make this book accessible to a wide range of readers: doctors, nurses, policy-makers, patients, relatives, researchers in the field of health care, and social scientists. It is suitable for use on various branches of medical and nursing training to illustrate the process of communication with patients during the terminal phase of a patient's illness.